Blog / Which Platform is best: Android or iOS

  • May 20, 2016
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Each business owner has realized the potential of apps. They understand how persuasive an app is for all their internal and external operations. A dedicated App whether it is developed on Android or iOS platforms or both can entrust a business with the fastest means of connecting with all their prospect, and partners. But, sometime decision makers have little confusion to choose the best mobile platform for their business.

Android and iOS are the demanding platforms in the global market of smartphone and businesses need to have both the versions of the app to get some additional benefits. As per the deepen observation of iOS app development India things aren’t that much simple as the look. The number of Android user is larger in comparison to iOS. Android has 81% market share while iOS has only 18% market share. This important record also helps you to decide which platform is bigger than others, but there are some other twists too. Let us understand what are the major factors while considering the development of a dedicated mobile app.

1. Location of Your Business: Location of your business always matters. Each business has specific products and target audience. If the business market has more opportunity in Asia, then it’s highly recommended to select an Android application development first, because mobile users in Asia more likely to prefer Android over iOS.

2. In-App Purchases: Apps especially targeted to generate more revenue through in-app purchase, first opt iOS platform. Why there should be an iPhone app first? Its reason is quite simple. iOS users are generally those people having higher earning. They are the owner of credit cards, and willing to pay more money for the desired app. So, if you are wishing to generate more ROI with a mobile app, then selecting an iOS platform is a wise decision.

3. Visual Appearance: Mobile app having eye catching appearance, and user friendly navigation urge people to use your apps consistently. Over the years, both Google and Apple have been consistently working on enhancing the visual appearance of their apps.

4. Willingness of Pay more: It’s observed that the iOS users have more willingness to buy apps and spending money in comparison of Android device users. High definition adventurous games are frequently published first on iOS and in some conditions, only on iOS. Not all Android device lovers willing to pay for paid games.

5. Cost Effective: It’s a most crucial point, when developing an app for your business. Whether you wish to develop an Android platform app or iOS app. Developing an Android app is a little costlier as a single app is customized for more than one screen types, processors, etc.

Conclusion: Finally, it is advisable for you to go with an Android platform when you want to reach the largest base of smartphone users, whereas select iOS platform when a business want to generate revenue through the app itself.