Blog / Top 7 Benefits of Xamarin for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

  • September 29, 2017
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  • Xamarin App Development

Xamarin is one of the most powerful app development technologies which is assisting the businesses in delivering smooth app experience to the mobile users. With a powerful community of 1.4 million developers, Xamarin is empowering the developers and businesses with business-oriented mobile applications that can efficiently serve the targeted audiences & function smoothly over all the platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. Here are few top of the line features of Xamarin platform for mobile app development.

1) Native API Access: Applications based on Xamarin have the full-fledged Native API access. The features developed through this platform gets perfectly delivered to the usable devices and platform specific capabilities are utilized properly such as Android Fragments and iBeacons.

2) Native UI: An application developed on Xamarin platform provides a seamless user experience. Xamarin app development makes sure that the users have better accessibility to the amazing features and functionalities. The Native User Interface of Xamarin apps make it more intuitive and engaging. The business brands are able to establish a friendly conversation with their audiences and improve conversion rates.

3) Native Performance: The standard native app development technology delivers the most demanding solutions for tracking and testing requirements of the application. With platform specific hardware acceleration which is optimized for native performance, the instant access to the features is delivered with a powerful Xamarin based application.

4) Less Coding, More Features: As Xamarin app development is based on C# language, the testing, development and delivery process gets accelerated. There is no need of repetitive coding so that the developers do not have to write the different codes for different operating systems. The developers can write code once and deploy everywhere whether it is iOS, Android or Windows operating systems.

5) Single Technology Stack to Code for all platforms: Being based on C# language, Xamarin has native libraries to support the development process. More than 90% code can be reused to develop cross-platform applications. There is no need to switch to other operating systems while developing a single app for all platforms.

6) Async and Responsiveness: Through Xamarin, responsive apps are developed which empowers the users to use the application across all range of networks. In spite of the language preference, like Object C, Swift or Java, the developers can use callbacks and manual bookkeeping to make the app more responsive and user-friendly.

7) Full-Fledged Hardware Support: The native level support of device hardware takes care all the compatibility issues through implementing APIs and the required plug-ins. The apps developed on Xamarin support distinct hardware functionalities across all the platforms. The hassle-free linking to native libraries makes the customization process smoother.

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