Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile application?

It is a program which has been created for use on portable devices. Mobile applications are available on the manufacturer's virtual shops like the iPhone App Store or Google App store. Applications are developed for many purposes from online communications to maps and online transactions.

What platforms do you develop for?

Here at Apps24x7, we develop Apps for iPhone, Android and cross platforms that means we can help you cover a wide audience throughout the Globe.

Why should I select Apps24x7?

When you select our professionals, you can rest assured that your mobile App will be developed by highly-qualified and innovative professionals. Any work supervision from us will be of top standards and fulfill your business needs effectively.

Which app can be more preeminent; iOS or Android?

iOS or Android, both are brimming with competition. These mobile App platforms are highly in demand among world wide mobile App developers. At the present time android has covered more than 70% smart-phone market; but the iPhone could be more prevalent among your potential customers.

What is the major difference between a native and web-based app?

Mobile App that is especially created for a mobile device is called a native app. On the other hand web-based App is essentially a website built to work in a specific way on a mobile device. Native Apps are usually downloaded and installed from an App store, whereas a web-based App is typically reached in the same path you would visit an online website.

What is the benefit of a mobile app over a mobile website?

Being as a sophisticated mobile App developer, we offer both mobile Apps and mobile based websites. Our mobile App developers believe mobile website is more important, as it can be accessed by maximum number of users, regardless of mobile devices. Our main focus is on developing native mobile apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Mobile Apps are more reliable and engaging, even you have the ability to explore the content in the offline mode and take benefits of features unavailable on a mobile website.

What type of support you will offer during development and throughout the project?

We will provide a dedicated support to each client from the time a contract is undersigned, during the development process and beyond. Our dedicated support explains the entire development process time to time and solve all your queries instantly. Utmost technical faults or major concerns are quickly escalated to a developer, resolved, and communicated back to the client.