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  • October 23, 2017
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In today’s digital world, the technologies impact our lives to a huge extent with new advancements taking place everyday. If we talk about the IT industry, it becomes much difficult for a new technology to mark its presence amongst so many advanced app development platforms available today. But Kotlin proved its significance within a short time frame and became one of the finest choices of many top companies like Pinterest, Square, Basecamp etc. As it is an Open Source Android app development platform, more and more companies are slowly moving towards Kotlin development.

With Kotlin, programmers can now write safer and more stable and reliable codes. It also offers integration with Android Studio, Google’s primary IDE for Android, that no language, has, other than Java. Have a look at the top 5 fascinating facts about Kotlin:

1) Object Oriented and a Functional Language: Kotlin is developed with a fine edge over other programming languages. It is basically an Object Oriented Language, but with great features like higher-order functions, function types, and lambdas, it can also be used as a Functional Programming Language. The two styles can also be mixed to provide value addition to the functionality.

2) Fully Compatible With Java: Being developed by the same company that built the most popular Java IDE, Kotlin has 100% interoperability with Java. Codes from both the languages can be used and perfectly compiled in the same project. In addition, working with Kotlin enables the developers to get the benefit of large Java libraries, commands & frameworks.

3) Safety From Null References: Android App development professionals believe that the safety from Null references in Kotlin is great. Null is a very simple way of representing the absence of a value, and Android uses it in its framework & APIs but handling this efficiently is an even bigger problem. They are considered as the most common reasons for crashes in Android Apps today. You can easily get rid of NullPointerExceptions (NPE) in Kotlin.

4) Great Output in Less Coding: Coding in Kotlin saves a lot of time as its compiler can understand and write a lot of code itself. The code becomes far easier to understand with less probability of errors. This also increases the productivity of the developer.

5) Server Side Development: As Kotlin is fully compatible with JVM, it is truly useful for server side development. With many enhanced frameworks like Spring, Vert.x, Ktor, Kotlinx.html etc., it offers a smart way for server side development while maintaining full compatibility with existing Java based technology stacks.

There are many more benefits of Kotlin development other than listed above. A reliable Android App Development Company would help you make the most out of this first-class programming language in the form of a feature-rich Android App for your business.