Blog / 5 Essentials for Developing Smart eCommerce Apps

  • December 1, 2017
  • admin
  • Mobile App Development

The fast-paced improvement in technology has a significant role in bridging the boundaries of trade and communication globally. A large number of businesses have flourished with the eCommerce technologies over the internet. While there are thousands of eCommerce stores registered over the internet, it becomes really challenging to stand out your business from the competitors.

In order to drive more visitors to your eCommerce store and turn them into esteemed customers, a merchant needs to provide the best buying experience over the web as well as a mobile app. Numerous merchants make the mistake and ignore the development of eCommerce app. It impacts adversely on the business ROI. So, it is really crucial for every merchant to create a mobile app with the help of a reputed mobile app development company in India. Here we are sharing five considerable points to get feature-rich eCommerce mobile apps:

1. Attractive Design: The design of your eCommerce application is a key part and it decides the engagement of customers with the app. Within 3 to 4 seconds, it is vital that your customers ought to have the capacity to effectively comprehend the mobile app interface. Making an extremely entangled outline with heaps of unnecessary content and animations in the expectation of getting customer’s attention does not work anymore. Always focus on simple user interface, as it helps you to boost the user experience.

2. Security: eCommerce transactions need a lot of information from the customers. Some of this information includes credit and debit card details, bank account information, home and correspondence address etc. So, it is quite important to make your app secure and reliable.

3. High Dimension Images: Images are louder than words. The image has a great potential to communicate your brand presence among the global customers. A typical slip-up made here is that merchants usually take images from mobile devices and upload the same. It can harm your brand presence. So, always use premium quality images on your eCommerce app.

4. Role of Social Media Integration: As social media platforms have millions of users, the promotion of products and services are quite easy. The integration of social media platforms at your store also eases the signup and login process. It also enables customers to share their experience about your eCommerce app on social media channels.

5. Simple Checkout: Offering simple checkout process helps in reducing cart abandonment rate. Customers prefer to avoid time-consuming checkout process. So, it is best recommended to minimize the efforts during the checkout process by integrating smart features.

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