Blog / UI and UX: Two Crucial Factors of A Successful Mobile Application

  • July 7, 2017
  • admin
  • Mobile App Development

The App Store is replete with the plethora of mobile applications and the number of applications is increasing on daily basis. Each of the businesses operating globally is trying to offer some unique features to make the applications more user-friendly and demanding. Among the various crucial factors for the success of the mobile applications, UI and UX play significant roles. UI stands for the user interface which is responsible for the look and feel of the mobile applications. On the other hand, user experience or UI connotes to the experience which the app delivers to the users. In spite of the differences, UX is undoubted, truly dependent on UI.

From an app perspective, both play incredible roles. While UI allures the users to download the application, on the other hand, UX plays a pivotal role in retaining those customers. Both are responsible for robust app marketing and brand image creation. Here are the three key points that will let you understand the significance of a good user interface and experience –

Enhance User Engagement: UI and UX are the powerful tools to make the users engaged throughout the application and converting them into loyal customers. They will become the indirect promoter of your application and they will entice more customers to download your app apart from providing the positive feedback also.

Support App Monetization: Adding in-app ads is an essential part of the UI for app monetization. You can run the campaign for the targeted audiences and this will become one of the smartest ways for getting clicks and conversions.

Offer Personalized Experience: Evaluating the users’ behaviours and thus providing the user-centric personalized experience is possible with customized UI and UX features. Analytics data help in delivering the best user experience and optimizing the user interface of the applications to increase the brand popularity through mobile applications.

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