Blog / Top 7 Latest Features in iOS 9.3

  • May 27, 2016
  • admin
  • iOS Apps

World recognized mobile app development platform iOS 9.3 comes with several new interesting features including a F.lux-like screen, password locks for notes, iCloud for iBooks, and more. iOS platform achieved a great impression among the gadget lovers, and each mobile geeks would like to more prefer to carry iOS devices. Apple’s rarely does anything huge with its regular updates, but this time it’s something different and exceptional. Remarkable features in iOS 9.3 are as follows:

1. Night Shift Adds F.lux-Like Screen: “Night Shift” is the newly introduced feature in iOS 9.3. The app warms your display to reduce your exposure to blue light by minimizing blue light and increasing orange later in the evening. This is developed with the thought to improve the chances of sleep.

2. Keeps your notes secure with password Protection: Now, you can protect your Apple Notes with a Touch ID or password protection. The feature allows users to protect access to sensitive information.

3. 3D Touch Shortcuts in Stock Apps: 3D Touch has been appended to a bunch of the stock Apple apps. Stocks also includes a new search option while the App Store adds in some new options as well. Additionally, each app has specific shortcuts that are supposed to put commonly used features at your fingertips.

4. News Improves Personal Recommendations and Adds Gestures: News picked up some small additions in this incremental version, including effective story curation and development, a new landscape reading option, and latest swipe gestures to save, likes, dislikes, share along with mute and block gestures for specific channels.

5. Save Normal Versions of Live Photos: You can create duplicate photos with the help of the Photos app, which is most crucial for converting those fancy live photos into normal images you can share. Select a live photo, click on the share icon and select Duplicate. From this place, you can pick Duplicate as Still Photo to normalize it.

6. Great Wi-Fi Assistance: Wi-Fi feature is slightly upgraded in iOS 9.3. The feature automatically switches on mobile data in your iOS device when your Wi-Fi is weak.

7. iCloud for iBooks: With the feature of iCloud, you can sync PDF files and other previously unsupported file types, instead of just books purchased through Apple’s store. You’re acknowledged and greeted after enabling this feature in the first time you open up iBooks after the up-gradation of iOS 9.3.

Conclusion: With these aforementioned features and benefits, Apple users’ really enjoy their device more and become more trendy in this digital world. Highly experienced professionals at iOS app development company constantly work in the development of exceptional features and business driven apps, that makes the platform more demanding and rewarding.