Blog / Top 5 Reasons for Popularity of Xamarin: The Cross Platform Mobile App Development King

Mobile application development industry is witnessing new revolutionary advancements. Thus, the demand for the advanced mobile applications has been increased so far. A mobile app developed on brand new technologies help the businesses in getting users’ attention and promoting their products or services in the best possible ways. One such recent revolution in the mobile application industry is Xamarin. With its unique features and cross platform advantage, Xamarin app development has become the most demanding service of the current business scenario. Here, in this blog, we are going to explore those reasons which have made Xamarin so much popular amid the clients as well as the app developers –

1. Native applications: Xamarin is the best solution for native application development needs. Xamarin Studio (IDE) provides the facility of code development in C# language. This results in gaining the advantages of native UI, native performance, and specific features. Even code sharing across different platforms with Xamarin is a smooth going task which lessens the development hours and make the feature rich app ready for you within a very short span of time.

2. Shared app logic: Xamarin is a cross-platform development tool. Input validation, database interactions, backend enterprise integrations, web service call, everything almost 75% of the coding can be easily shared through Xamarin by using the shared app logic. Thus, re-coding exercise gets shortened and the perfect app development is done without considering major bug issues.

3. API integration & Binding: The useful APIs can be easily integrated into Xamarin based mobile applications. Same APIs and UI controls can be used for iOS and Android applications. Even for Windows app development, Xamarin platform can be used along with Microsoft Visual Studio. Same codes can be easily shared among Android, iOS and Windows applications using Portable Class Libraries (PCL). The advanced binding technology enables the developers to introduce the new features or update the existing features across all these major platforms.

4. Xamarin Component Store: There are myriad of free and paid components including UI controls, third party web services, cross-platform libraries which developers can choose and implement by writing just a few lines of codes. This friendly component store is developed right into Xamarin’s Visual Studio extensions and Xamarin Studio.

5. Advantages of C#: C# is a modern, advanced and yet simple object-oriented programming language which has become the foremost choice of the coders. The type-safety feature of C# language put a full stop on the typo errors which can otherwise create blunders which will lead to the functionalities issues. Overall C# helps in developing cross platform apps without any hassle.

With so many lucrative features, Xamarin has become the best cost-effective and powerful cross platform mobile app development solutions and businesses are embracing this technology for their mobile app development needs. You can also join the innovation by hiring the reliable service of a reputed Xamarin app development company.