Blog / Top 5 Features of Android Oreo for Seamless User Experience

  • September 14, 2017
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Android Oreo has been recently launched and Google has also revealed its statue across the Chelsea Market, Manhattan. With user-friendly features, this version of Android has made the development process more innovative and the demand of Android applications are going to improve with this updated version. Here are the key features of Android Oreo –

Enhanced Speed and Security: Android Oreo offers improved battery life, enhanced security features, better speed and smart control of apps. Creating powerful restrictions of background running apps, it is highly proficient in providing a great battery life. The Doze feature allows the stagnant apps to sleep and it prevents the battery usage. It all happens automatically. On the other hand, it also has improved security features and you will be getting better app performance and speed.

Picture-in-picture: Picture-in-picture mode of Android Oreo allows you to watch a video while you are using another app simultaneously. You just need to tap the home button when you are watching a video and you also want to use another app as well. Android Oreo has made it very simple and this feature is going to be highly popular among the smartphone users.

Smart Text Select: With smart text select feature with Android Oreo, selecting the right text is quite easier. You need to only double tap the text and the selection will automatically expand as per your text requirement. It makes copying the physical address, names, contact numbers, email addresses in a very friendly manner and at the same time also suggest the selection of the contextual text to make you interact with the right data.

Scanning Apps for Safety: While you are on the apps and games screen, Android Oreo brings a smart card to appear that will be scanning the app to ensure that the app could not be able to harm your device. The throughout scanning of the apps make sure that your smartphone and data are safe and your device is not prone to any security vulnerabilities.

Autofill: The auto fill feature of the Android Oreo allows the users to easily fill the user names, passwords, and addresses. There is no need to retype these details each time. The autofill API of Android Oreo makes it easier and user-friendly.

Android Oreo is going to revolutionize the user experience to a next level. If you want to get interacted with the worldwide Android audiences then hiring the reliable services of a reputed Android app development company like Apps24x7 can be highly beneficial for you and you can enhance your business to the next level.