Blog / Top 5 Apps for iOS 9.1

  • November 26, 2015
  • admin
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The successor of iOS 8 was publicly released on September 2015. The major objective of iOS 9 is on intelligence and proactivity, permitting iOS devices to understand user habits and act accordingly. Here, we are listing some popular Apps for iOS 9.1 that will enhance the performance of your iOS device and do various tasks efficiently:

1. 1Blocker: Today, many iOS users like to browse the internet using Safari web browser. But, some websites are full of undesired ads which increase the loading time of the website. With the help of 1Blocker, you need not to worry about annoying ads and other stuff and the result desired website will be loaded quickly.

2. Hulu: This application will allow you to watch your favourite video in a corner of your iPad screen, even if you are doing some other things in your device. Hulu is the amazing application for iOS 9.0 which you can’t anticipate from other platforms.

3. Pocket: If you find any informative article or learning video, but you don’t have sufficient time to read an article or watching a video, then you can save them for offline viewing. This App supports  exceptional features and allows you to view saved content in offline mode.

4. Night Sky: This exceptional application specially made for those people who are more fascinated with the solar system and the sky. Users point their iOS devices towards the sky and the amazing application will recognize those bodies adequately from outer space. Additionally, this application also offers the information about pollution in your area and the extended weather forecast.

5. Parcel: This is one of the best delivery tracking Apps. At present, it is linked with 265 delivery services in which FedEx, DHL and TNT are the most famous name. If you have bought something from online stores and waiting eagerly for your package, then you can track your placed order anytime, from anywhere.