Blog / Top 4 Dominating iOS App Development Trends in 2016

  • April 21, 2016
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Everything is going on smart devices. The increased utilization of mobile devices for multiple purposes has propelled several innovations in terms of mobile apps. Demand of exceptional mobile apps are increasing immensely, as it offers a great assistance in paying utility bills, online shopping, ticket booking and more.

Electronic gadgets like smart watches and Google glasses are also in a great demand, compatible with mobile devices and the related apps. Cloud computing, big data, and Internet of Things also getting a lime light in the mobile app development industry.

Highly qualified and experienced professionals at iOSĀ App Development India, understand the need of mobile devices, and the requirements of mobile applications at the enterprise level as well as a daily need of multiple users’. The increasing demand of mobile applications year after year, giving the finest opportunity to the mobile app developers, and encourage them to apply their innovative ideas in the mobile app development work. Here is the list of some emerging mobile app development trends in 2016.

1. Focus on Mobile App Security: iOS is the first choice among mobile users. It offers an ultimate feature that you can never anticipate from other available mobile app development platforms, and become the finest platform in the mobile app development world. This is one of the reasons for the high prices of Apple phones.

Android is the second choice among mobile users, and it is considered as a less secure platform in comparison to iOS. But, the recent versions of Android (Android 6.0 or Marshmallow), comes with some high security features.

2. Great demand of Cloud-Driven Apps: Previous year, we saw an interesting association between cloud computing and mobile apps. Their relationship led to the output of centrally coordinated apps to any mobile devices. This trend is expected to continue in this year as well, because the cloud technology offers notable benefits. App developers avail multiple facilities with cloud computing, and easily sync their apps across multiple devices.

3. IoT to Take Center Stage: The IoT is a full proof set to reach a mobile app development work up to the extreme level. The innovations and techniques are utilized for this increasing the range of mobile app development work tremendously.

4. Targets on the Swift Programming Language and Beacon Technology for iOS: Apple has come up with a latest programming dialect, Swift. It is especially designed for the application and a system language. Swift is built with the modern compiler infrastructure, and offer the finest opportunity for the developers to write reliable code right from the start.

The Beacon is another emerging platform for iOS developers. This technology can merge offline and online differences for the finance, event management and retail sectors. iOS app developers have a colossal opportunity to introduce top class apps with exclusive functionalities.