Blog / Tips to Optimize The Performance Of Mobile Apps

  • December 4, 2015
  • admin
  • Android Apps, Cross-platform apps, iOS Apps

App performance is one of the most crucial factors that determines the success of a mobile application. Performance of your mobile application can be referred to both – how your app is perceived by end & ideal development standards.

Here we are listing down some basic tips you should consider before you start writing code to fine-tune the performance of your application. This will help in developing an app that users would love to use.

1. Understanding Your Target Audience:
Very first thing is to precisely understand your audience & their behavior. Which device they use – tablet, iPhone, Android, iPad and more? You’ll need to plan for a way to test your mobile app once it’s ready for launch. Ensure to test it on multiple iOS & Android devices so that you can confirm that it runs smoothly on different devices.

2. Prioritize Initial Page Load V/s In-app Performance: Figure out what matters more to your users? – Initial page load time or inner pages of application. If opening in-app page quickly is important, you can always defer loading some files until later on as per the requirement. Or, if users can wait for the app launch page to load, you can always make it interesting and more snappy. There are many framework available with which app is loaded via ajax , which also enhances the performance of your mobile app.

3. Optimize your Code: Ensuring that your code is bug-free is not always sufficient. Code optimization also includes the removal of unnecessary code as doing so can drastically improve the app speed and performance as well.

4. Define Specific Targets: Defining your targets from the outset of your mobile app project is important. Be specific. You should understand the load times of your application for each particular device, moreover the network conditions that you think your audience is going to be deal with, regardless of Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G.