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  • November 26, 2015
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  • Cross-platform apps

The renowned framework PhoneGap is used for creating cross-platform applications. Its extensive feature makes the possibility of using the same code on various platforms. With HTML5/JavaScript application, it is a local webview component, which can get easily connected to the local functions of a mobile device (accelerometer, compass, contacts, etc.).

Presently, PhoneGap accompanying the following platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian OS, Tizen. Talking about the PhoneGap application platforms, it has covered two platforms, i.e., Android and iOS. These two covers 91% of the entire mobile phone market, and generate 92% of income volumes from Apple App Store and Google Play.

Advantages of PhoneGap: Based on high-tech technology and innovative features, PhoneGap has its own advantage which makes the usage of smart phones simple for the users. It’s advantages are:

1. PhoneGap cross-platform efficiency offer the advantage of choosing the   number of platforms.
2. It is written upon HTML, JavaScript and CSS, and provide opportunities of using external libraries
3. Through browser various adjustments can be made easily. The remote adjustments can be performed on a mobile device through “weinre”.

PhoneGap app is a perfect solution for the project, if the project requires:
1. Unique UI
2. It contains a lot of image, audio and video content
3. How to perform complicated calculations and operations on the server-side

Essential Tips for Building A Good PhoneGap Application: For developing an excellent PhoneGap application, some of the important tips are:

1. In PhoneGap application, input fields should be placed on the upper side of the screen
2. For clean and compact system avoids overloading screens with extra elements and long lists
3. Avoid using too much shades as it decreases the performance on low-end Android devices
4. Semi-transparent file should be applied as a .png file, in order to provide the same on numerous platforms
5. For input animations, use the features of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
6. Due to display quality and screen resolution, gradients don’t look good always, so it requires one-color fill in comparison of it. That’s why shades should be used only when it requires.

PhoneGap framework is used for creating cross-platform applications which allows the usage of the same code on various platforms. It easily connects with the native function of smart phones and enhance its  efficiency. It utilizes perfectly with mass media, portals, forums and blogs, presentations, branded and PR applications, online shops, applications for the tourism industry, etc.