Blog / iOS 10 Beta 3 Version Comes With 6 Increadible Features

  • August 1, 2016
  • admin
  • iOS Apps

Apple, through Public Beta has announced iOS 10 features. Some of the major changes have been taking place. They have redesigned some of the features and tried to enhance more user-experience along with it. With the announcement of these fabulous features, Top iOS Apps Development Company is set to bring new apps which are highly compatible with iOS 10. Here are some of the main features:

1. General redesign and user experience

In iOS 10, Apple has “redesigned the experience of the lock screen”. They have added various new features to the lock screen. In the latest version, the Apple has introduced lots of 3D Touch shortcuts, through which the users can easily respond to the notifications without leaving the lock screen. Also, added some dynamic features that perform in the notification area. Moreover, the users can respond to messages, accept new invitations, and can remain in the message thread, online, from the lock screen itself. The company has removed the ‘Slide to Unlock’ option and replaced it with ‘Press home to open’ option.

2. Siri

Apple brings a major change to Siri, as it is now opened up to the 3rd-party developers. With this change, the users can easily activate the non-Apple apps and functions on their phone via voice control.

3. QuickType

With iOS 10, Apple is “bringing Siri intelligence to the keyboard”. With this, it will itself in the use of artificial intelligence, and context more suitable suggestions when typing. QuickType is a real time-saver, but although remains unsophisticated. Moreover, it will be more proactive, as it will bring in other app data and offering it as your responses. In addition, it will support multilingual typing, means the users can type in a blend of two languages.

4. Photos

A new artificial intelligence has been added to the Photos section. Now, it will use brilliant learning techniques for evaluating faces, places and objects. Apple has added a ‘Memories’ Feature, where the phone automatically links photos & videos according to the people, place and time, to create beautiful reels or trip mementoes. It will present some of the finest video album, where specific videos relevant bit of footage will be added. Federighi help by adjusting specific sliders and recreated with different mood and length.

5. Maps

In iOS 10, the Maps has also designed. By look it has become more clear and simple, as well as has become easily accessible. Even you can make search out for the location and fix a calendar appointment for that place. Also, can sub-filter while searching for nearby businesses. Moreover, with its new opening Maps feature, the users can easily able to book a ride with cabs and can pay the ride charges by using Apple Pay, but all this without leaving the Maps.

6. Music

With Apple Music visual redesign feature, the users can enjoy the onscreen lyrics for some songs, if they are add to the songs. The users can enjoy the music without any hassels and can use other features of the phone, without any uninterrupted sessions. Moreover, the Downloads section is replaced with the ‘Downloaded Music’ within the Music app.