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  • March 15, 2016
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  • Mobile App Cost Calculator

To be a part of the current competitive scenario, and hustle bustle of daily life, many people have no time to do their personal work on time. Say thanks to the user oriented mobile applications in the huge mobile world that helps us to do multiple jobs just in a jiffy. At present, people would like more to do multiple jobs from their precious mobile devices, including online shopping, paying utility bills, online searches and more. So, it’s quite imperative for each business, they have user-friendly mobile websites or applications, which is easily accessible for prospective customers. For developing the mobile application, the app development company need to estimate the mobile app designing and development cost, which they can do effectively by the help of calculating overall expenses, and prepare an estimated budget.

A software development company build apps for a number of clients, including enterprise and entrepreneurs, and every business person have the same question, how much they need to invest in the development of business mobile application. A project estimation is totally depends upon the prospective client app vision and functional requirements. The cost calculated on the basis of initial designing and technical requirements of the app. The questions like the app is for a phone or a tablet or any mobile device, and for which platform, or development is required for iOS or Android or both, as well as what kind of features and functionality the client expecting in the app, and more. In short, the cost estimate is based upon the design, technology, techniques, methods and manpower requirements in the app development project. Here are the points, considered while calculating the cost:

  • Platform (iOS/Android/Window)

  • Device Type (iPhone/iPad/Android/Tablet)

  • Supported OS Version (New/Old)

  • Screen Orientation Modes

  • Choices of Screens

  • Quality

  • Custom Controls

  • Security

  • Deployment (App Store/Enterprise)

  • Special Functionality (Payments/Statistics/Webview)

  • Maps & Navigation

  • Photo, Video & Graphics

Any successful cost calculation depends upon the perfect estimation of design and development work. For designing a finest mobile application, the total number of hours is required to develop better functions, interactions and screens. Designing estimation is done on the basis of hours needed for project management, and apply an hourly rate to calculate it. But, when it comes to the development estimation, the cost is calculated on the expenses made on functionality, complexity and integrations.


The cost of creating a mobile app can increase on the basis of their complexity and robustness. But, the cost of an enterprise mobile app is comparatively higher, as it has a heavy backend and integration component. Before moving to the final step of mobile app designing and development, just make sure that you have estimated each and every factor. For getting the reliable mobile app development project cost, you must utilize the best Mobile App Cost Calculator, which will provide you the ideal cost for your mobile app development project. Many companies are using this cost calculator for estimating the correct app development cost.