Blog / Google Released Its Android Wear 2.0 Version

  • July 15, 2016
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  • Android Apps

Recently, Google has announced a new updated version of Android Wear 2.0, for all wearable devices that are powered by the Android Wear OS. To cut down the connection between wearables and mobile devices, Google has transformed this version with new features that will increase the performance and efficiency of wearable apps. According to Google, they are expanding the platform, on the basis of facts learned from users & developers, to improve the key experiences on the watch, including watch faces, messaging, and fitness.

By announcing this preview version of Android Wear 2.0. , Google has replied well to Appleā€™s new update of Watch OS. This has also increased opportunities for Android App developers, as they can develope new apps for wearable devices with the latest update. This updated version has all the advanced features to run on Android wearable devices without any support of a mobile device. In the previous older version, focus was on delivering notifications only on mobile devices. But, in the latest version, the notifications will deliver in a less disruptive way to watch face.

Now, Google Android Wear 2.0 apps can perform even when your phone is not with you, or privatized with your smartwatches powered by the Android Wear OS. This is possible because the smartwatch apps are developed on the bases of the latest version of Android Wear, and can easily connect with Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth to your phone, or LTE/Cellular. These Apps can be installed directly, and can be easily operated without a phone. This makes your watch fully integrated with the cloud, and prove as a truly stand-alone device.

In addition, the various stored apps data can be synced together and come up with one result from various information. The exclusive benefit of this current update is that, the apps can detect your physical activity like cycling, run, exercise, etc., as well as excite the respective app to start tracking for a particular activity. Moreover, in a smartphone you need to turn on the widgets that you want to use, but in Android Wear 2.0, any app can turn itself into a useful widget and display on the watch face. In Android Wear 2.0, cloud technology plays a vital role in sharing data over the apps that have direct access to cloud technology.

New UI

As a darker form, the User Interface (UI) will be a materialistic and more interactive with clear-cut notifications. The new Android Wear 2.0 updated version includes the increased UI features with minimalist designs, muted colors, and a darker interface which enhances the battery life.

Watch Face Complications

Previously, the wearable devices are equipped with the screen, which can fetch the app data and display it on screen. But with the latest update, the users can obtain all relevant and timely information on their watch screen. Additionally, there is an enormous range of watch faces that will be able to display the data from any app.


The newest Android Wear 2.0 version has come up with some improvised methods of text input via keyboard with handwriting recognition, qwerty keyboard with swipe option and standard typing. This advancement will give a new platform to the users for typing and replying over wearables.


Wearables are interconnected with fitness activities. The update version will enhance the fitness functionality, in which the fitness apps can easily sync and got activated by the physical movement of users. This update will provides a new platform for automatic tracking of fitness activity.