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  • January 16, 2017
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The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of mobile applications. The developers are coming up with new apps everyday with an aim of fulfilling the day-to-day demand of the companies and users. But, in the last year, we have seen a huge conflict between the iOS application and Android applications. There has been an immense demand for hybrid applications. In 2017, there is a huge expectation from mobile apps industry. It is assumed that in this year, we are going to see various new strategies and innovative technology trends that would bring a new revolution and completely replace the insignificant apps with the new ones.

Previously, the apps were used in smartphones only. But now, they are highly used for the wearable devices, smart cars, IoT-enabled devices, etc. Even Cloud-based apps have created a huge market for them. Considering the previous year trends, technology development, and customers demand, here are some of the mobile app development trends that surely rule in 2017.

1) Location-Based Services (LBS)

This year, the Location-Based Services will remain in high demand. The mobile devices with simple GPS feature will upgrade and provide the users with real information based on their location. In this field, the Beacon technology remain on top. It is expected that LBS based mobile devices will come with more security features, location-based payment portals, indoor mapping, etc., in this year.

2) Android Instant Apps

According to the Google update, the Instant Apps feature will deliver according to the claims and allow the Android apps to run instantly. As they are inbuilt apps, you don’t need to download it. These “run-only-as-you-need” concept based Android Instant Apps will surely rule today’s market.

3) Application Security Will Remain On Priority

In the last few years, the security of the mobile devices has been a major issue for the mobile app development industry. The major reasons behind this are the sensitivity and confidentiality of the user data. Usually, many people do not pay attention towards the security of the mobile devices. But, due to the lack of the security, many of them have to face the security issues like theft of data, loss of important data, etc. Somehow, all these factors have created a major concern for the app developers and made them focus more on the security features. So, it is necessary that the mobile apps come with in-built security features and provided with a high priority on both the basis of API level and a simple code for smooth access to the app.


It is expected that this year, mobile apps will provide smoother, hassle-free and extraordinary experience to the customers. The apps will also be more focused on the customer’s requirements, innovative technologies, and latest trends. If you also want to build an app according to the latest trend, then take the help of a powerful Mobile App Development Company for a significant Android App development services.