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  • October 15, 2016
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  • Mobile App Development

Digital era comes with various advanced technologies and has changed the complete pattern of the mobile application development. Now, a professional mobile app developer has more than hundreds of different frameworks that can be used for developing an user-friendly and business-driven apps.

Some of these frameworks are especially dedicated for UI designers, with a great focus on HTML,CSS and JS and some are created for developers, focusing on PHP, ASP, Java, Python, C# and other programming codes. Additionally, the world of mobile app development is blessed with hybrid frameworks which enables the professionals to create only one type of coding language, and moving on to “translate” that output into other several languages for other systems as well. No matter how much experience a person has in the mobile app development domain, these platforms offers outstanding results in designing and development of amazing mobile apps.

List of some great framework combination for your award winning development projects:

1.Xamarin: Xamarin is launched and supported by Microsoft. It offers some awesome benefits to its users like modules and different packages that will make any mobile application better optimized and perfectly streamlined. The best part of Xamarin is that it allows cross-platform development, meaning you can create apps for Android OS, iOS, Windows and other operating systems at one place.

2. Ionic: It is freely available on GitHub. There’s plenty of reason to select Ionic for mobile app development. You can create user-friendly mobile apps with SASS and Angular, meaning an excellent workflow compared to developing in CSS and JavaScript. It allows quick and the fastest deployment opportunity as well. The documentation of an Ionic is quite well and extensive, and has become one of the best frameworks even in the competitive marketplace.

3. Vapor: It is recently introduced in the mobile app development market for developing advanced web applications with macOS. Once it is compiled, it works like other website apps.

4. JQT: It is also known as jQTouch. This solid framework is especially intended for UI/UX designers. JQT comprises the latest features of HTML5 and CSS3 along with a great option of SASS compiling. Now, it has become one of the most preferred choices among various designers across the globe.

5. Mobile Angular UI: Mobile Angular UI is an exclusive framework for developing and designing beautiful responsive web and mobile applications. With the help of the Bootstrap integration, switching from wider screen to smaller ones is quick and easier, resulting in near-instant responsiveness. The framework is open-source and has a powerful community support.

Conclusion: No matter what sort of programming language is used, or which ever the target device is, you just need to utilize anyone of them and develop your business-driven app impressively.