Blog / Changing Trends in iOS Application Development in 2017

  • February 8, 2017
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Over the years, the innovation & advancement in technology has brought huge opportunities in the field of mobile app development, especially in the iOS application development. The iOS developers have come up with various new trends that actually have transformed the iOS application development. Here are some important factors that brought significant changes in the app development industry:

1.Swift Coding

Swift Coding is one of the major changes that took place in the coding strategies. Based on the latest compiler framework, it allows the developers to compose dependable codes by using the Xcode devices. With this, the developers can comfortably create attractive applications for iOS phones, WatchOS, and tVOS.

2. iWatch

Nowadays, Apple Watch 2 is the topmost brand in the wearable gadget. The advancement of the Watch OS2 has created various new opportunities for the application developers, to experiment with it, and take it to the next level of success. Considering the opportunities in the applications development for the iWatches, many companies have come up with numerous innovative and applications for the same. Considering the demand for the iWatch applications development, the industry is expecting a huge growth in iWatch application development.

3. Applications

When it comes to the iPhone applications, around 75% are free of cost. But now this figure has reached upto 93%. Although, in-application are the income sources for the iOS application developers, but as the mixture applications are getting more popularity among the clients, the iOS applications usage are decreasing which result in the more free apps.

4. Geo-Locating

With iBeacon, Apple is building smooth applications that are completely focused on the location. This has created huge opportunities for the iOS application developers to build a more complex business websites and m-trade applications that can also customize from the administrations.

5. App Security

According to the Gartner App Security Report 2015, approx 75% applications failed to meet the essential safety measures. But now, with iOS 9, Apple is focusing more on the app security and constrained developers to restrain important security measures in gadgets. Following the Apple rules & guidelines, the iOS developers are focusing more on app security and implementing various strategies to build more secure applications.

6. Cloud Advancement

When it comes to the cloud technology, it is highly used by the application developers. Through Cloud-support, the developers did not require any huge application measures. Also, it provides free space in the restricted gadget limits that increases the storage space in the gadgets. Moreover, it allows the smart sync across multiple devices.


In the last few years, the mobile application industry has seen various innovative technology changes and market trends. These changes have completely transformed the iOS app development trends. Now, the iOS apps are more focusing on the customer-friendly approach, based cloud technology and rich in security features. If you want to build your iOS app according to these latest trends then connect with the industry best iOS App Developers India.