Blog / Benefits of PhoneGap Environment For Mobile Application Development

  • March 15, 2016
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PhoneGap development company is more in demand as per the current industry competition scenario. The vital reason being the feature of supporting the app to easily run on all available mobile platforms, whether it is iOS, Android or Windows. The apps created in PhoneGap can be easily installed and execute as a native mobile application. This is the main factor why mobile app developers are more focused on PhoneGap architecture.

PhoneGap app development is quite important for business owners looking to create a mobile application for their business. Additionally, this framework is more demanding among app developers  who wish to develop a mobile apps compatible for multiple platforms.

Benefits of PhoneGap can be categorized as….

Business Benefits: This platform resolves the biggest problem introduced in the mobile app development world that emerges out by multiple platforms. Mobile users are using smartphones with all the available platforms, and anticipate that apps are supported on each of them. The exceptional feature of PhoneGap work on any platform so there is no need to develop different apps for diverse platforms. PhoneGap really helps the business owners to save their development costs and precious time.

When the same sort of app is developed on diverse platforms, there are various issues related to coding. The robust feature of this amazing platform can save your time and money as the app has to be created only a single time. Making small changes would cause it to work smoothly on multiple platforms. It makes the development process more efficient and effective as it uses the sure fire concept of “build once and deploy everywhere”.

Developer Benefits:

  • A developer having a year of experience in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript can effectively work on PhoneGap app development.

  • Mobile apps that are created using PhoneGap framework are hybrid applications. The entire app is separated into three units – UI, application logic and server communication.

  • HTML and javascript have a more important role in the development of cross-platform mobile app. The part of the app that communicates with the controls of the mobile device is based on the native language for each particular platform.

  • As a cross-platform technology, PhoneGap provides a secure connection from the JavaScript world to the native world of the platform, which supports the JavaScript API to access and control the mobile devices like phone or tablet.

  • This platform has the ability to provide fast delivery project whenever required.

If the overall details are considered, PhoneGap application development is a perfect choice for both business owners as well as technical people.