Blog / Android Nougat Vs iOS 10 – Differences and Advantages

  • October 22, 2016
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  • Android Apps

Apple and Google are two tech giants in a mobile world. With the official release of Android Nougat and iOS 10 various advanced features have been introduced in the smart devices, and mobile users are able to perform various actions in most impressive ways. From the past few months, Android App Development in India and iOS professionals have been literally edging each one out with constant releases of previews and beta versions. Both the companies, Google and Apple are facing the same sort of obstacles with entirely different approaches.

Interface: Both the companies have adopted complete exceptional techniques for UI designing. iOS 10 is introduced with raise to wake feature that will show lock screen with clock, InstaAlerts as well as great notification facilities. Whereas Android Nougat supports multi-window screen support and now users can operate two different apps simultaneously.

Notifications: With a slight changing to its notification banners, Google makes notification process quite easier. Android Nougat’s user has the ability to block group notifications completely. Refined minimalist design in Android Nougat, make notifications quite easier in term of reading and responding. But, iOS 10 is launched with the amazing beauty of 3-D touch support. Now users can receive a notification and will be able to preview and respond to the notifications without having to open the corresponding app. 3D Touch in iOS 10 allows you Peek and Pop’ feature for instant responses to various actions, messages, or to expand the whole notification as a whole window.

Messaging: Google has recently released Allo. It is a re-engineered messaging app, which will compete with the powerful messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and iMessage. Android Nougat is equipped with instant messaging app Allo and robust video conferencing app Duo.
On the other hand, Apple is blessed with more fun factors. iOS users can now express their feelings and emotions with various available stickers, and 3rd party emoji support. iMessages in iOS 10 comes with memorable stickers and multiple enhancements that will make a chatting experience more interesting and memorable.

SmartPhone Assistant: A computer program ‘Siri’ works as an intelligent personal assistant and has become a more user-oriented and ready to take on voice commands for various purposes like phone calling, ordering food, booking tickets, cab, etc. It can do various humane things impressively. On the other end, Google now will become more conversational and smarter enough to position itself as a rival to Amazon Alexa.

Google and iOS both are the technical giants going head to head about a new official release. So, keep your fingers crossed and wait for more interesting and user-friendly updates.