Blog / Android N or iOS9: Which one is Best?

  • June 23, 2016
  • admin
  • Android Apps

Android and iOS are acquiring momentum tremendously with the release of Android N and iOS 9. Some mobile lovers understand that several features for Android has been inspired by iOS 9, whereas others believe Android N has its unique features. Below we have shared a few points of comparison for the version releases of both these demanding platforms.

Interactive Interface: Android N offers a highly interactive interface. The notification tray is the finest improvements made with this latest version. With the help of this improvement, users can instantly reply to the messages from the notification tray itself. The new multi-window mode is also offered with this interface, inspired by Apple’s split-view feature. When we talk about iOS 9, night mode is a finest feature. This mode automatically changes the color balance and reduce brightness during the night. Picture in Picture is an additional feature inspired by iOS9, where the users can enjoy images and videos in one corner of the screen.

Personal Assistant: With the passing days, smartphone becomes smarter, and the race for the perfect intelligent assistant tool is acquiring momentum. As per the developer preview, Android N will only make beautifying changes to Google Now. The Google Now on Tap takes you to the next generation of personal assistants that can understand the queries instantly and respond perfectly. On the other hand, Apple’s Siri is also struggling with achieving the experience level offered by Google Now. Siri earned the ultimate recommendation feature in iOS9 which helps it suggest activities and solutions based on the features and apps the user uses on their phone.

Security and Reliability: Security is a major concern for Android users. Since it is an open environment, it has never gained the major forte among developers. And as far as a developer preview is concerned, there doesn’t seem to be much improvement over Marshmallow. As per the previous update, Android had introduced eight basic permissions for apps including microphone, contact details, medical data, etc., whereas the robust version of iOS9 landed with two-factor authentication and MAC address randomization to increase security and widens the gap between the two operating systems in terms of security and reliability.

Battery Power: High battery power offers long time power service to your mobile devices. From Android app developers to the entry level Android users everyone wished for long battery life. Android N comes with power saving mode that will improve its Doze mode, inspired by Apple’s Doze & Low Power. However, Android’s motion sensors ensure that your phone goes off to doze mode when there is no user activity, while Apple’s feature needs to be activated manually.

It’s quite tough to select a fair winner between the two platforms as both have their own pros and cons. If you are looking for thriving apps that can engage your potential clients and also build the robust relationship, Android App Development team is dedicated to offer you the ultimate edge.