Blog / A Short Glimpse on Top 4 Mobile App Development Trends in 2016

  • May 13, 2016
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  • Mobile App Development

Whether it is about online shopping, requesting mouth watering food, booking online hotel, paying utility bills, which device you would like to utilize to do such activities instantly? Your hand-held device Smartphone, right! Our mobile phone has risen as a genuine companion in need and is assuming an essential part in simplifying our day by day tasks. It is not in any manner wrong to say that innovation of technology is developing at the speed of light, and the applications have turned into a necessary part of the digital ecosystem. Actually, these applications are advancing to make universal presence.

Let’s take an extensive look on the top 4 development trends, utilized by Mobile App Developers in India:

1. Quick Mobile App Development: Organizations are experiencing an intense stage in pacing up with the expanding interest for mobile applications. With these dynamic requests, organizations are contending to launch their products and services quicker than any other person. The primary goal for mobile application professionals would be to minimize the duration of the app development life cycles and reduce the time gap that lies amid ideation and launch. Advanced mobile app development tools and additional frameworks are available in the market for quick launch. Such solutions come with the general concept of conveying consistent quality to the clients’ at each progression while building up their application using the key segments including fast deliveries and quick reach to the app store.

2. Powered With Cloud Technology: Demanding cloud technology is relied upon to assume a crucial part in the application development revolution. There has been a great opportunity in the utilization of smart devices. This tends to make application professionals, more engaged towards the capacity of incorporating and synchronizing applications created for multiple devices. The cloud methodology will help professionals to incorporate functionality that can without much of a stretch be utilized on various smart devices with similar information and features.

Other than that, there are multiple companies taking a shot at cloud-based app development platforms. Designers and developers have multiple tools and techniques for building an application, consistent integration, testing and listing their apps to the application stores.

3. Security in Apps: There have been a few reports indicating worries of clients with respect to hacking more than 75% of mobile applications would not have the capacity to pass even basic security parameters. Hackers will tend to proceed with the pattern of exploiting known security holes in mobile applications for acquiring sensitive information. Security still remains the major concern in mobile applications. So, effectively work for this purpose and provide high level security in each mobile application.

4. Location Based and Beacon Services: Innovation of Beacon technology has obscured the bottom line contrasts between online and offline – be it retail environment or product promotion. This innovation has nicely been adopted in iOS platform and is expected to follow in Android systems in the recent future.