Blog / 7 Incredible Features Proving the Significance of PhoneGap App Development

  • April 7, 2017
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  • PhoneGap Development

PhoneGap is an open source mobile application development framework, suitable for hybrid app development. The framework allows developers to build hybrid apps for smartphones while using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 instead of taking the burden of developing OS-centric apps like iOS, Windows or Android apps. It has the ability to wrap the codes as per the platform it is going to run upon. PhoneGap supports cross-platform mobile app development like Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Google Android, MS Windows and so on.

Here are some important features that make the PhoneGap app Development suitable for businesses and developers as well.

1)Device Detection: PhoneGap is able to detect the device on which the application is running on that helps the app builders to know the behaviour of the targeted audiences.

2)Geo location Identification: The applications based on PhoneGap development are able to determine the exact location of the user. It helps in providing the location specific information to the users.

3)Compatibility: PhoneGap based applications are compatible with cross-platform operating systems and devices. Along with it, it is also compatible with JavaScript tool kits like jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch & Dojox Mobile that helps in the smooth development of the desired featured apps.

4)Better Integration: PhoneGap offers better integration facility with internal file systems & web services that makes it effective and convenient for the users.

5)Seamless Functionality: The hybrid apps based on PhoneGap, have the robust ability to run seamlessly thus bringing the better user experience and building a huge audience.

6)Embedded Browser: PhoneGap applications have in-built browsers embedded in it which help in easier & relevant search results to the users.

7)Leveraged Services: Being hybrid apps, these are cost effective development solution because of reduced cost of developing the platform specific apps.

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