Blog / 7 Amazing Features of Android ‘O’ to be Experienced in 2017

  • April 12, 2017
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Google has recently announced a new version of the Android operating system. Named as Android ‘O’ this android version is updated with several latest features to enhance user experience to the next level. Bringing a host of new features, it is the improved version of Android 7.0 Nougat. Here is a sneak peak of some appealing features of Android ‘O’ –

1)Notification Control

You can control your notification settings. With Android ‘O’, you can choose the ones that seem relevant to appear in the notification bar and snooze or block the others.

2)Optimized Battery Life

Android ‘O’ provides additional limits on the background activities of the apps that help in improving the battery’s life. With this exclusive feature of automatic background limits, this android version ensures the longer battery life of your smartphones.

3)Picture in Picture Model

Now with picture-in-Picture feature, you can watch videos on a smaller screen along with other applications being run simultaneously on the device. It makes browsing and multiple tasks to be easily performed on the Android devices.

4)Improved Audio Quality

With the integration of new sound technologies such as LDAC support, Android ‘O’ has been empowered to provide high audio quality for better listening experience.

5)Improved Keyboard Navigation

Android ‘O’ users would be blessed with improved keyboard navigation with arrow and tab keys. It will provide a new typing experience to the users.

6)Auto-Fill Feature

This feature is inbuilt throughout the operating system to improve the user experience of Android gadgets.

7)More Interactive User Interface

The setting section and several other elements have been redesigned with new user interface. In the notification bar, the new and thinner font is used to contain more notifications at one go. Data connection and Bluetooth features can be accessed with one tap. The battery percentage indicator is also shifted to the side of the battery icon.

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