Blog / 5 Impeccable Trends for iOS App Development in 2017

  • May 15, 2017
  • admin
  • iOS App Development

With the continuous evolution of the IT industry, app development is witnessing new strokes of changes to provide the next level user experience. iOS app industry is witnessing new heights of revenue generations so the new development trends are being more demanding. Here are a few technologies or trends for the iOS ecosystem which are dedicated to provide a unique user experience this year –

1. Swift Programming Language
Being recognized as the successor of Objective-C, Swift programming language is highly being used by the app developers for concise and error-free coding. It features standard library and improved core language to develop appealing iOS, tvOS and watchOS apps.

2. Geolocation
In order to provider personalized user experience especially for the eCommerce and mCommerce iOS applications, Geolocation is preferably being integrated with applications. To provide the location based choice to the customers, iOS app development with geolocation is trending this year.

3. Augmented Reality and GPS
Especially for gaming applications, integration of augmented reality along with GPS is hitting the app development industry. This advancement is continuously revamping the landscapes of 2D and 3D gaming industry. Augmented reality apps or AR apps are the new most sought after apps, so developers are following this trend for maximum reach.

4. iOS for Enterprises
Smart iPads have become the new work companion for enterprises and businesses. Enterprises are adopting iOS apps based on the latest technologies like cloud, beacon, geolocation and so on. The demand for these applications for commercial and marketing purpose is huge in this year and enterprise based applications to improve work efficiency are generating great revenues.

5. Advanced Security
Security features of iOS apps become the foremost concern for the Apple devices users. The apps with robust and advanced security features are preferred over the general apps. Now, each iOS app developer is using stronger data encryption technologies like App Transport Security (APS) to provide the best-secured experience to the iOS users. APS which Apple’s advanced security feature is going to be mandatory for all the iOS apps in this year.

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