Blog / 5 Essential Elements To Consider While Building An Educational Mobile App

Currently, in the app market, approx 70,000 educational apps are present, but only limited apps help students to improve their learning. Although, the educational apps are created with an aim of providing the knowledge on particular subjects that students are looking for. But, among all the apps, there are very few mobile apps that provide appropriate learning on the subjects, and the remaining are just a way of earning money for the developers.

With good knowledgeable educational apps, the students can grasp the detailed learning over various subjects such as English, Science, Mathematics, Hindi, etc. Even, many of the developers have come up with the apps for differently-abled people, to fill up the learning gaps, and help them to understand and express their emotions, feeling and thoughts more efficiently. Whatever, the type of educational mobile app it will be, it should have excellent features, smooth functionality, and must be user-friendly. If you want to create a successful educational app, then here are the top 5 elements that should present in it.

1. User-Friendly UI: To make a successful app, it is necessary that it has a user-friendly UI. As each feature has its own functionality, UI makes the apps powerful, self-explanatory and easy to use.

2. Easy Login & Customizable Profile: To making your educational app more usable for the students, it should have easy to login functionality. Moreover, it should provide a profile feature where the user can select their preferences and saved it for the learning.

3. Powerful Database: It is one of the most important elements of an educational app. Basically, all the information and learning material is uploaded and secure onto a database. These subject material data is access by the students for their learning purpose. So, it is necessary that your app has architecturally powerful database that can provide quick, easy and uninterrupted data access to your users.

4. Collaboration and Teachers Interaction: Eventually, the student learning experience gets enhanced only with the collaboration of other students and teachers. So, your educational app should able to provide a friendly environment, where students can easily interact with teachers and other students.

5. Intellectual Freedom: A good educational app offers a great platform to the students to create their own topics, discuss it with others fellow students, and gain huge support from the teachers. On this platform, the students have complete freedom to discuss their problems and get valuable solutions for it.


A good and knowledgeable educational apps are easily getting the users interest. So while developing an educational mobile app, it is essential that you focus on building powerful features, where students can easily gain valuable learning on specific subjects, as well as teachers and institutions can provide complete support and knowledge to their students. For this, it is necessary that you take the best iOS or Android apps development services from a top app development company.