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  • November 14, 2016
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With the dream of earning a huge amount of profit from the businesses, the companies make a large investment on various online marketing strategies. They build responsive websites, mobile apps, social media ads, etc., for attracting more target audience, building a brand name, and earn great business opportunities. Moreover, they use numerous latest analysis technologies on what is good for them, how they can spend their investment, and how to earn maximum profits from their business. With the help of the advanced technologies, the companies can also calculate the ROI for their website, mobile app and other advertising strategies.

When it comes to the mobile app ROI, there are various app analytics tools that are available in the market, which helps to obtain the accurate web analytic reports. Being a part of the highly competitive app market, it becomes essential for you to understand the importance of the mobile app analytics, and how you can obtain the maximum success from your mobile app. For this, here are four steps that help you to get the best ROI from your mobile app.

1. Build a Measurement Plan

To obtain the best ROI from the mobile app, it is necessary that you work on each of its perspective. For this, build a mobile app measurement plan. Through this plan, you can easily analysis your mobile strategy. With this, you can determine, what you can expect from your mobile app? what can it achieve? Have you put all tactics in order to meet your business objectives or not? For measurement plan, here are some steps that are recommended by Google.

  • Focus on your business objectives.
  • Obtain the best strategies and tactics to support your objectives.
  • Select metrics that will be the KPIs.
  • Properly segmented your data.
  • Select the targets for the KPIs.

2. Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

By calculating the customer lifetime value (CLV), you will know, what you can earn from your user until they are using your app. Although there are numerous methods to calculate the CLV, it is total depends on your business model and your needs that what model you select. For calculating the CLV, you need to calculate KPIs, which is actually really difficult to track. The business can use the CLV for a long term forecasting, or by obtaining the real value per user, they can focus on the business efficiency.

3. Know Your Cost

Once you know, how much you need to spend on a customer level, to earn maximum revenue, the next step is to determine how much you need to spend to earn the investment revenue. The ROI totally depends on the individual business needs and its model, means what you have invested? and what are your expectation? Usually, the business makes their investment in App development, Infrastructure, Marketing, Customer Service, Maintenance, etc. You can also consider your development cost as a sunk cost if you only calculate the investment which is spent to obtain and retain new customers.

4. Make the Metrics Actionable

Once you analyze your revenue costs that don’t mean that you can know your exact mobile app ROI. This is so because ROI is not a one-time thing, it is a time-consuming process. The main motive behind the measuring of mobile app ROI is to know, where you stand, and what more you need to do to get to where you want to reach. Whether you need to focus more on customer needs, latest trends, or technologies, the mobile app development will be a constant process for you.


Basically, the app ROI is the best measurement of the mobile strategy. If you keep a strong track, you will know what is right for you, and what may get wrong for you. But for all this, most important is having a good mobile app. Unless you have an attractive and interacting mobile app for your business, the customers will not get engaged with your app. So, connect with Apps24x7 and get the best services in Mobile app development India.