Blog / iOS Application Development: Top 4 Trends For 2017

  • March 18, 2017
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It is well known fact that today the customers favor the mobile apps over websites as they feel more secure, easy to explore, communicate & amazingly personalized. In addition, desktops are no longer beneficial and the developing interest for applications has set the pace for the IT business, creating diverse trends for existing platforms. It is expected that the aggregate number of applications available for free, will surpass 93% this year. The main point of focus will only be on the in-app marketing and advertising. Here, we plunge into a world of smart gadgets, accessories & technological trends & possible opportunities in iOS application development in year 2017. If you are planning to develop an iOS app for your business, you ought to be prepared to adapt with various approaches as discussed below:

1) Wearable Applications
Since the demand for smart wearable devices is increasing geometrically and is unquestionably a popular trend of 2017, you ought to thoroughly consider how to adjust your new app for the same.

Its importance can be understood with the point that the number of downloaded applications surpassed 80 million within a minute after the first version launch of Apple Watch Series 2. The market surely needs to adjust the apps for watchOS.

2) Going Smart With IoT:
Users are appreciating the integration of cloud technologies and networks of data-gathering, as they get a chance to communicate remotely with the devices. This reality affirms that the effect of IoT trends would evolve more strongly in year 2017.

3) Augmented Reality (AR) Is The Future:
Without a doubt, year 2017 will observe a growing application development trend in Augmented Reality (AR). Great success of ‘Pokemon Go’ game proves the worth of AR applications. Hence, further advancement and use of this innovation are self-evident. This amazing technology will surely permit your business to emerge and take it to a new level.

4) Cloud Technology:
Innovation & advancement in Cloud technologies are an absolute necessity with regards to present day application development. Everyone is quite excited for the mobile apps that can be easily accessed over various devices.

Cloud computing & related services are sure to rise as the most powerful trends in 2017. Therefore, you must be prepared to integrate your project to cloud technology.

While deciding on developing an app considering all the above mentioned factors is a must for business growth but it is not an easy job. A renowned & expert iOS application Development Company shall happily help you with all your future business concerns.