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  • January 2, 2017
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As we see that in today’s digital era, the number of mobile users are increasing rapidly. A wide range of businesses or services is being done through the mobile application. So mobile app development industry is serving the businesses through various appealing applications. Another fact is that in the market, most of the smartphone users are using Android based smartphone rather than the iOS based. So, to meet the hunt of the smartphone users and to generate the lead through the Android phone users, every business is focusing on developing the Android application to grab the leads.

There are some key considerations to be followed for developing creative mobile applications –

1.Location Based Services

GPS service in mobile devices, is a process to provide the exact information to the relevant users at the exact point of time. Location based Android application services are highly useful in the tourism sector, ticket booking mobile app development services and shopping related eCommerce services. While developing the dedicated application for a particular business, each consideration has to be taken care of, to provide the relevant data to the customers or service providers so that effective business could be done in a proper manner and generate more ROI.

2. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is most useful in the development of utility based applications. Augmented Reality is very effective and productive too. Augmented reality has made the process more user interactive and with the help of the innovative idea, new mobile apps are being developed for effective creativity.

3. Responsiveness Design

Responsive design is another most important aspect that cannot be ignored at the time of mobile app development. The Android app development should be responsive enough to display the content in the proper manner on all the mobile devices or tablets. Well developed responsive designs provide the hassle-free user interface to the users and it results in customer engagement and leads generation.

4. Cross-platform Accessibility

The mobile app developed should not be a particular browser or device-centric. It should be cross browser compatible and cross-device too. While developing the app enable with cross-platform accessibility, the deployment time gets saved and it also results in cost saving. The app developed on this methodology is not restricted to a particular browser and device hence it gets more clients or customers using the variety of browsers or devices.

5. Security Measures

The app should be enabled with high-security measures to let the users feel secure while using the application. Security is a foremost concern to keep the relevant personal and business information secured in a very credible manner. The entered social media links, card details and other personal information to sign up an Android application should be secured enough to use the app without any burden.


Android app development company in India is being done by several IT companies. But to get ahead of the other developers, these few considerations are very crucial in developing appealing, highly useful and secured Android applications.