Blog / 5 Common Mistakes Which Every App Developer Should Be Aware Of

  • May 11, 2017
  • admin
  • Mobile App Development

To help the companies earn a huge ROI, mobile app developers need to develop highly interactive and feature rich applications. Sometimes, the developers make a few mistakes in the due course of development, which can be hazardous for the company. Here are a few tips that speak about the common mistakes that developers must avoid to get the development done in the proficient ways:

Overloaded Features: The developers are advised to implement only the core features which are relevant to the business. Apps having overloaded features can distract the main business. The app should have only the required features which are relevant to the purpose and the targeted audiences for which the app is being developed.

Overlooking Navigation: Navigation is the most valuable player of a mobile application. The app having the barren navigation will go out of the race at the earliest. Ignorance of an easy and clear navigation will create a bad impact on the users and can result in the business loss too.

Ignoring Analytics: In this digital competition of the businesses to lead in the market, it is essential to integrate Google Analytics or any other tracking tools. Developers should not ignore the integration of analytical tools with the application. It helps the businesses in understanding the behaviour of the targeted audiences in the well-proven ways.

Delay in Marketing: The marketing of the application should be done perfectly before the final phase of app development. Even before the app launch, the promotion of the app should get started. Through various means of media, the promotion of the application gets started at the earliest in order to get a maximum number of installation.

No Backup Plan: Irrespective of the perfect testing done throughout the application, it is sure that bugs will happen and the developers need to fix them instantly. Being a developer, you must be ready with a backup plan. You should be ready to take care of the post-launch issues after app publication. Your support policy also should be clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions field.

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